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About Us

Our mission statement reflects what we do: Prairie Smoke is a 501(c)(3) organization that supports and encourages the restoration, propagation and maintenance of prairies of all sizes, both urban and rural, through education and assistance to landowners, both public and private.  We assist with all things prairie – from small home garden plots to large public and private pasture
restorations that support pollinators and wildlife in southeast Minnesota.

Prairie Smoke is located in South East Minnesota. It is run by an all-volunteer board that meets at least four times a year.  Meetings are held where convenient and all members are invited to attend.  Notifications of the meeting dates, times and location are sent out to our members by email and posted on our website.  The Annual Meeting is held at the Chatfield Library early in the year.  Dues to join are $25 per year.


President:                                                         Ed Pfannkoch

Vice President:                                                Barb Nigon

Secretary:                                                         Sue Wieseler

Treasurer and Membership Coordinator:      Ryan Kemmerick


Board Members 

                                                                          Susan Powers

                                                                          Chuck Kernler

                                                                          Dave Vail

                                                                          Spence Ruff


Fun fact: The name "Prairie Smoke" refers to the Geum triflorum forb, an uncommon native prairie plant that has smoke-like seed plumes in mid-summer.  The name also alludes to the smoke from the controlled prairie burns that its active members perform with assistance from other members.
If you are interested in joining this effort, please send us a note at

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