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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can I contact?


President: Ed Pfannkoch -  

Vice President: Barb Nigon  -

Secretary: Ruthann Yaeger -
Treasurer and Membership Coordinator: Ryan Kemmerick - 

Board Members:

Chuck Kernler -

Susan Powers -

What are the benefits of joining Prairie Smoke?

As as a member of Prairie Smoke, you are entitled to the following benefits:
•Site visits by Prairie Smoke representatives to give guidance about the care of your prairie
•Annual prescribed burning workshop
•Assistance with burning your prairie (including all necessary equipment)
•Opportunities to volunteer to do prescribed burning (this is a fun learning activity)
•Field trip fliers published two times a year
•Prairie Smoke email about important Prairie Smoke events
•Field trips throughout southeastern Minnesota led by Prairie Smoke representatives
•Other educational and recreational opportunities

How do I find out when my membership in Prairie Smoke expires?

You will receive a membership renewal form approximately one month before your membership expires.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions about my membership?

Please contact Ryan Kemmerick:

Does Prairie Smoke have a website?

Yes! The website address is

How do I find out about Prairie Smoke field trips?

Prairie Smoke averages between 4 and 6 field trips a year. The simplest way to find out about field trips is to read the emails sent to you by Prairie Smoke. You can also check the Upcoming Events link on the Prairie Smoke website.

What types of burn equipment does Prairie Smoke have available for loan?

Prairie Smoke has the following equipment available for loan to individuals and families who have been active members for at least a year. Go to our Burning information page.

Do landowners have to be members of Prairie Smoke in order to use the burn equipment?

Yes, for at least a year. Access to the burn equipment is one of the benefits of active membership in Prairie Smoke. Click here for more information.

Where can I find help with funding for Prairie and Habitat Improvement Projects?

 Check out this list created by Prairie Smoke Board Member, Ryan Kemmerick.

Is there a charge for Prairie Smoke members to use the burn equipment?

No, there is not a charge to use the equipment. However, it is suggested that landowners who use the equipment make a voluntary donation to the chapter for the upkeep of the equipment.

How do I get more information about prescribed burning?

You can request additional information by contacting Dawn Littleton ( at least one year prior to your planned burn. You can also attend one of the prescribed burning workshops offered through the DNR, if available. Keep an eye out for dates.


What types of other equipment does Prairie Smoke have available for loan?

•Trailer with 200 gallon water tank, pump, and hose

•Backpack bladder bags and sprayers

•Drip torches



•Warning signs for burns near roads

•Kestrel weather recorder

•6 Long range radios with holder

•Supply kit of replacement parts

•Chainsaws (only after member receives chainsaw training)


•Protective headgear and face guards

•Weed wrenches (small and large)

•Parsnip predators

Where can I find help with funding for Prairie and Habitat Improvement Projects?

Check out the list created by Prairie Smoke Board Member, Ryan Kemmerick on the links page.


    Mail:    Prairie Smoke

                P.O. Box 1312

                Eyota, MN 55934

Prairie Smoke is a 501(c)(3) volunteer organization.

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