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Links for environmental organizations that share the Prairie Smoke value of promoting native habitat:

Home Science: Backyard Conservation

     Resources for green living from HomeAdvisor

Bluff Country Hiking Club

     A local hiking club that manages the Lost Creek Trail near Chatfield

Great Old Broads for Wilderness:

     MN chapter: preserving special areas of habitat

Izaak Walton League:

     Preserving habitat and clean water for fish and other wildlife

Minnesota Land Trust:

     Preserving through conservation easements, privately owned land of special natural value, including prairie remnants

MN Dept of Natural Resources; Non-Game Division:

     Conducting research, monitoring, restoring and maintaining our natural environment. Resource for owners of prairies

MN Master Naturalist program:

     Volunteer training for those who care about our natural environment

MN Native Plant Society:

      Preserving MN native plants

Sierra Club:

      Saving pollinator habitat including advocacy for our natural environment in general

The Prairie Enthusiasts:

      Land Trust in Wisconsin, saves prairie remnants by purchasing and maintaining them

Wild Ones MN:

      Preserving and promoting native plant habitat


      Habitat for invertebrates of all types, including pollinators, especially by native plantings

Zumbro Valley Audubon:

      A local chapter of the National Audubon Society

Depth of Prairie Plant Roots

      Great photos and graphics depicting the true depth and mass of prairie plant roots.

Insects Insects Insects


The Iowa Insects Mailing List provides a forum for those interested in Iowa's insects and, more generally, invertebrates, their identification and ecology. Its purpose is to encourage novices who are trying to expand their knowledge about the incredible world of insects. Another objective is to support the Iowa Native Plant Society.  For questions, email:

To join the Iowa Insects Mailing List,

        Send an email to:

        Leave the subject line blank.

        Type the message: subscribe Iowa-insects


Bug Guide - All About Bugs

     Identification tools and lots of information about bugsand spiders.

Iowa Burn Forecast

     MJ Hatfield is updating the burn forecast for Iowa regularly. It's not Minnesota but it's darn close and good indicator.

Entomology Today

      Study shows how prescribed burns benefit bees.


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