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Prairie Managment

What’s so special about a native plant prairie? 


Here’s what they do for us:
1.    Improve soil by preventing erosion, adding organic matter and supporting the microflora and fauna that create it
2.    Sequester carbon in roots – more than forests! Unlike trees, cutting or burning prairies does not release that carbon
3.    Provide year-round food and habitat for wildlife, support critical pollinators and the insects that birds require to provide for their young.  In addition, they provide beauty for us!
4.    Promote water storage and purification – prairies recharge aquifers and can store 7-9 inches of rain in an hour! 
5.    Filter contaminants like pesticides and nitrates keeping them out of our water supplies.
6.    Grow on a wide variety of soils (even degraded), are well adapted to local conditions, and once established, are low maintenance requiring only control of invasives

Prairie Smoke members work on conservation projects which include Prairie Burns, Buckthorn Removal, Poison Hemlock Removal, Adopt A Highway and Solar Sanctuaries.  For more information about these projects, click on the links below.

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